Welcome to my digital home!

I am a digital marketing and media professional based in Hamburg, Germany. I support people and organizations in facing digital transformation, leveraging the power of digital media and getting attention in a digital world.

I work as a Strategic Account Director for the global media platform Teads, responsible for partnerships with advertisers and marketers across different industries. Prior to that, I held several leadership positions on agency side including the independent media agency pilot as well as the agency group fischerAppelt.

I am also a lecturer and speaker for digital marketing, e.g. at University of Applied Sciences Euope, AdTrader Conference and d3Con.

I have experience in implementing digital-first marketing strategies, managing cross-functional teams in fast-paced environments and building sustainable client relationships. I feel at home with the advertising ecosystem and the digital economy.

Keep in touch?

I am happy to exchange ideas. Feel free to connect at florian (at) brill (dot) hamburg or any of my social networks.